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Losing Ecommerce Customers to Shopping Cart Abandonment? [infographic]

Imagine walking into a department store and finding the aisles clogged with abandoned shopping carts. The carts are filled with items people picked off the shelves but decided not to buy. That would obviously be a nightmare from the stock person’s perspective. And it would certainly cause the retailer to worry about its long-term prospects, because no one makes money from window shopping. Although it’s not as big of a logistical problem in the world of ecommerce, shopping cart abandonment is a major area of concern for an ecommerce business.

The average rate of ecommerce shopping cart abandonment is nearly 70 percent. That means seven out of every 10 online shoppers build orders they never complete.

Even a Minor Issue Can Cause an Abandonment

There are many reasons why online shoppers abandon their carts. The biggest one is that they weren’t committed to buying in the first place. These shoppers may be putting together a wish list for a later date, comparison shopping between different sites, or just daydreaming. Even without those shoppers who are just browsing, however, many abandoned carts could have been saved and converted into sales. But all it takes some issue that caused doubt, concern or trouble during the customer’s shopping journey, resulting in an abandoned cart.

A brick-and-mortar retailer wouldn’t want to leave broken windows or filthy floors unaddressed. Likewise, ecommerce businesses don’t want their websites to give shoppers any reason to go somewhere else.

The good news is that it’s easy to avoid many of the most common reasons why online shoppers abandon their shopping carts. Whether customers leave a website over poor design, confusing navigation, or low responsiveness, ecommerce businesses can find a solution. With a few optimizations, ecommerce businesses can reduce the rate of visitors abandoning their carts and convert more of them into customers.

The infographic below (provided by Performance Card Service) lays out some of the most common reasons visitors leave ecommerce websites and some tips that ecommerce retailers can use to help convince them to stay.



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