Pi Network Mining

pi network mining

If you’re interested in learning about Pi Network Mining, you’re in luck!

Let’s get a couple of important points out of the way first.

Point 1. Pi Network is a crypto project aimed at making crypto mining more accessible, by allowing mining from your phone. Traditional crypto mining is expensive and very resource & energy intensive. Pi Network aims to solve that.

Point 2. I personally mine Pi, so I know what I’m talking about. Or at least I know enough to help you get started with Pi network mining for yourself.

In fact, I’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a Pi invite code. Mine is current and valid. You can use my code right now and get 1 Pi on me!

My Pi Invite Code

To claim your Pi and get started, follow this link https://minepi.com/rbemiller 
…and use my username (rbemiller) as your pi invitation code.

So how do you actually get started and mine pi for yourself? It’s actually really fast and simple.


Here’s exactly how to mine pi, step by step

Step 1: Download the Pi app here.

Step 2: Sign up. (no unusual credentials are required)

Step 3: Create your password.

Step 4: Complete your profile details. Be sure to use your real name and such. If you ever expect to take a payout, you’ll need to be a real person. 🙂

Step 5: Enter your invitation code. (You have to use one to sign up)

Step 6: You’re done! Just click on the lightning icon in the app to start your mining. You’ll see descriptions of how you can mine more as you go.

Helpful tips –

  • To make sure you’re a real person and an active miner, you’ll have to go into the app once per day and click on the lightning icon.
  • You do not need to leave the app open to continue mining. You’ll be mining all the time either way.
  • Mining pi does not consume any more battery life than other average phone apps.

So what’s stopping you? Get started today! And remember, you’ll need an invitation code.

My Pi network invite code


Link to get started: https://minepi.com/rbemiller 

Let’s be a part of this new digital currency experiment, and hope it takes off… to the moon!!