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Shopping Signals is a dropshipping marketing agency that helps drop shipping brands grow with SEO and Content Marketing.


If you WANT TO generate more buyer traffic to your online store,
You’re in luck!

We’re not just another dropshipping marketing agency. We’re a partner who will help you build your brand into a leading and trusted authority in your niche.

Our super power for ecommerce brands is in driving organic traffic  with Content Marketing and SEO

Building and growing your dropshipping business can be exhausting, and we get it. With that in mind, we’ll help you create and execute a premium dropshipping content marketing strategy that positions your online store as a leader in your niche, and drives the kind of traffic that’s ready and willing buy. And just so we’re clear, our strategies work regardless of your ecommerce business model (traditional, dropshipping, print-on-demand, etc.), or your platform (Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, etc.). The fundamentals of ecommerce marketing are the same, regardless of model or platform, so you’re in good hands.

Traffic to your dropshipping store will increase with our strategies. Guaranteed.

To us, a clean, attractive and user-friendly web site with the right mix of products is the cornerstone of every online store’s marketing strategy, but dropshipping marketing doesn’t stop there. Or at least it shouldn’t.

Our dropshipping marketing system is about ensuring that potential customers can find you by making sure you show up for the topics and products they’re searching for.


    We will focus on the following:

    Dropshipping keyword research – Here’s the thing with organic traffic: keyword research informs every other task related to organic traffic that you do on your ecom site. Therefore, keyword research is the foundation from which we build everything else. Any good dropshipping marketer who knows organic traffic would agree. We’ll work directly with you to determine the keywords that are relevant to your customers and commonly used by your competition, then develop a specific strategy to get your site ranking for those keywords.

    Dropshipping website organization – This refers to the structure of your website …how the pages are organized. It’s a critical consideration for any website. For SEO and for usability. For dropshipping websites, it’s perhaps even more important, since many ecom sites have lots more pages than typical small or local business sites. Our approach is to make sure your pages are organized so that they’re easy to find for both users and search engines.

    Dropshipping technical SEO – This is the process of  optimizing elements to improve website performance, removing errors, and optimizing for search ranking signals. Common ecom pages don’t get a lot of backlinks (a strong ranking signal) so it’s even more important to make sure pages are well-optimized for other ranking signals, like content, speed and usability. We’ll analyze and update your backend code and front-end pages to make these improvements and corrections.

    On-page SEO for dropshipping – This is the process of reviewing specific pages to make sure they’re fully optimized for the targeted keyword(s). We go a step further and make sure calls-to-action are optimized as well. Our dropshipping marketing experts will focus on category, product and high-value content pages because these generate the bulk of ecommerce website traffic and sales.

    Dropshipping link building – As mentioned above, links are a very important ranking factor for Google. In fact, since it’s existence, Google’s #1 ranking factor has been links, even though it’s algorithms now have over 200 factors. To Google, a link to your website from another website is an indication of importance. The more indications (links) you get, the higher the ranking your website will achieve. Luckily, we have expert dropshipping marketers that know how to build  quality, relevant links to your online store.

    Dropshipping content marketing – For many dropshipping marketing ‘experts’, content marketing isn’t even on their radar. BIG mistake. Huge (YUGE!). To us, content marketing is perhaps the most important step in a complete dropshipping marketing strategy. Content marketing for ecommerce is the process of creating niche relevant content that attracts traffic and buyers to your dropshipping store. We go beyond the product and category pages, and building out the type of content that lets you shine as the trusted, go-to authority in your niche. Our dropshipping marketing agency is the best at understanding what content to write, along with knowing how, when & where to promote it.

    The strategy

    Hopefully it’s obvious by now, but we don’t cut any corners when it comes to the marketing strategy for your dropshipping business. With the 6 foundations above as our guide, we’ll work with you to get to know your business, your budget, and your goals to create a custom marketing strategy for you.

    In case you were curious about pricing, we can accommodate budgets of as small as $500 / month and most of our programs are month-to-month, meaning, you’re not locked in.


    Because we know that our marketing strategies deliver the goods for dropshipping stores! You will achieve increased traffic when working with us, with a positive ROI that will make you WANT to keep paying us each month.

    We will stay within your budget and maximize the value of our services.
    We’re also able to do everything for you. From the technical tweaks to the creative copy, we have the skills that get results. But if you need or want to take on certain elements of your dropshipping marketing strategy yourself, that’s okay too. In some cases, dropshipping owners prefer creating their own content for example. If so, we can provide you with the tips and tactics to make sure it is properly formatted and optimized.

    Resources for ecommerce businesses interested in growing organic, search engine traffic:

    View our ecommerce SEO expert offerings
    View our Ecommerce SEO Accelerator coaching


    As the founder of Shopping Signals, I want to make it very clear that we use only white hat, Google-approved strategies, tactics and techniques throughout our SEO and content marketing services. You may have heard of black hat, shady SEO techniques that are unfortunately all-too-common in the world of SEO. Well, you can be at peace knowing that we don’t mess with that stuff when you work with us. Those tactics hurt websites far more than they help them, and that’s not what any of us wants. Our focus is on what has always worked when it comes to SEO – Optimized pages that offer a great user experience, and great content that the user is looking for. It’s that simple, and that’s how we roll!

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