pi network mining

Pi Network Mining

If you’re interested in learning about Pi Network Mining, you’re in luck! Let’s get a couple of important points out of the way first. Point 1. Pi Network is a crypto project aimed at making crypto mining more accessible, by allowing mining from your phone. Traditional crypto mining is expensive and very resource & energy …

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Creative Product Descriptions - Lightbulb guy

Creative Product Descriptions

Are you still using stale, uninspired product descriptions that are copied directly from your supplier? If so, you are KILLING your chances of converting visitors into sales. Sure, with enough volume; enough traffic; you’ll get some conversions. But let’s not kid ourselves. You’d be getting far more if you put some time into crafting creative …

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ecommerce conversions shopping history

Shopping History Hack – Recently Viewed Items can Boost Conversions

Howdy! Want to learn about an advanced tactic will help turn more repeat visits into sales? Then read on my friend. This is a quick tip, but implementing it could be somewhat advanced. Although let’s be honest, Shopify probably has an app for this (just checked, yep, of course they do: http://apps.shopify.com/recently-viewed-products), so it may …

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